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Harry Josh® Pro Tools

Pro Makeup Wave Setting Clips

Professional hair setting clips that are lightweight and crease-resistant designed to keep the integrity of your hair without compromising style of form.

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Crease-resistant flat clip design
Pouch included with purchase
Used by both hair and make-up artists

Say bye bye to baby hair fly-away ruining our golden hour selfies. Perfect for hair drying time or to style. Suitable for all hair types and for creating different styles, these hair clips boast a crease-resistant, firm grip flat clip design that won't leave a dent in your hair. As a bonus, they work to keep your strands out of your face when applying your makeup.

  • To set your curls, pin them up as they cool to keep them bouncy as you style.

  • Rock the clips as you get ready to keep your hair out of your face and style intact (bonus points if you snap a pic like your fave celebs).

  • 3 inches in length
  • Smooth surface
  • Lightweight, crease-resistant flat clip design
  • Perfect for pin curl hairstyles
  • Clips back large sections of hair during makeup application
  • Pro tool for hair and makeup artists
  • Refrains from hair tugging, pulling or damage
  • Perfect for adding curls/waves to the hair
  • Handy and travel friendly
  • Fashion and runway show backstage favorite
  • Suitable for all hair types

6 Clips
1 Harry Josh® Pro tools Makeup Wave Setting Clips bag to store clips


If this is your first time using wave setting clips, not to worry. Here are just some of the ways these clips can help you with your hairstyling routine, plus some tips on how to use them right.

1. To Tame Flyaway and Pesky Baby Hairs

Say goodbye to flyaway and pesky baby hairs—or at least the appearance of them. Dampen your wild pieces, comb them in the direction you want and pin them down with the Pro Makeup & Wave Setting Clips. They’ll dry flattened to the rest of your hair, solving your unruly hairline.

2. To Add Texture to Straight, Fine Hair

Looking to create texture? Apply a sea salt spray throughout damp hair. Take one-inch sections and twist them into mini-buns all over your head, securing with the Pro Makeup & Wave Setting Clips. Dry with a diffuser and then brush hair out for tousled, sexy beach waves.

3. To Define Waves

You’re probably already defining your waves by using a curling iron. Your go-to, piece-y, beachy wave is amazing for every day, but if you’re looking to go glam for a special occasion, the Pro Makeup & Wave Setting Clips can quickly turn your waves super upscale in a few steps.

First, wave your hair as usual but brush it out after you’re done. Spritz with hairspray and then brush it out one more time. Take a clip and secure at the wave lines throughout the hair. When the hairspray as dried, you’ll have shiny, soft, glamourous brushed out waves like an old Hollywood star—no crease!

4. To Create Bouncy Curls

Lots of women with curly hair find that their hair dries wide but with no height, resulting in a triangular shape. These clips can help you get lift at the root for beautiful, bouncy curls and a voluminous shape.

Here’s how to do it: First, wash hair and apply your usually styling product. Pull one-inch sections of hair tight and up off the head, securing into your desired curl shape with the Pro Makeup & Wave Setting Clips. Dry with a diffuser. By pinning hair pulling upward and the root, curls will be magically transformed to have great lift for an all-over bold, bouncy look.

5. To Pin Back Hair Without Leaving a Crease

These are a MUST HAVE when you’re doing your makeup, or doing someone else’s makeup. The Pro Makeup & Wave Setting Clips provide a crease-free hold, meaning you can pin back a blowout off of the face without ruining styled hair.

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