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Harry Josh® Pro Tools

Pro Dryer 2000

The Most Powerful Dryer In Its Class. Handmade in France.

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8 speed/heat/ionic settings with cold shot
Extra-wide nozzle for smoother styling with airflow of 80mph
2,000 hour AC motor significantly reduces drying time

Given its breakthrough technology, the Harry Josh®  Pro Dryer 2000 is unlike any other dryer in the world. It’s powerful enough to reduce drying time up to 50%, ultra-lightweight by industry standards and equipped with multiple heat and speed settings. Plus, it has ION functionality to customize your blowout while delivering maximum shine. Additionally, its dual filtration system reduces energy consumption by 70%, and has a 2000 hour motor life rendering it built to last.

Split your hair into four sections and only focus on one at a time. Taking the time to do this up front will help you save styling time and makes your work and results much cleaner and easier.

  • Lightweight, patented ergonomic design with curved handle for comfort and control
  • Long life A/C motor lasts 2,000 hours and significantly reduces drying time
  • Dual filtration system reduces energy consumption by 70%
  • Innovative On/Off lab-tested ION generator switch: Turn it On for sleek, smooth styles or Turn it Off to create voluminous styles for smoother styling
  • Extra-wide nozzle increases air flow for smoother styling
  • 8 heat, speed and ion settings for maximum styling versatility
  • 80 mph airflow
  • Ionic function generator switch releases 3,000,000 ions per second to eliminate frizz and deliver perfect softness and shine
  • True Cold Shot Button, meaning the heat isn’t just turned off - the air is actually cooled for finishing touches
  • Professional-length 9-foot cord
  • 1875 watts

Traditional Nozzle makes it easy to dry small sections of hair in seconds by providing concentrated air flow

Extra Wide Nozzle increases air flow for smoother styling


  • Know your hair weaknesses. Is your hair frizzy? Flat? Lackluster? Using the proper styling products and tools are a must for a good blowout.
  • Invest in a quality blow dryer. A powerful dryer will save you time, energy and prevent damage, as you'll spend significantly less time blowing heat over the same sections.
  • Utilize a nozzle. It will help direct the hot air at a small space, allowing you to concentrate on specific areas of your hair at a time. Start at the roots to add volume and work your way to the ends.
  • Take your time. Pull your hair into sections and dry one at a time. Taking an extra ten minutes to do this will save you another twenty that you'll need to fix stray hairs and frizz from blasting the blow dryer all over.
  • Aim carefully. Blow dry with the nozzle facing downward and lead it down each section with a boar bristle brush. Following the direction of the hair cuticle will add shine and a soft bristle brush will pull hair straight without snagging or breakage.​​​​​

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