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Harry Josh® Pro Tools

Harry Josh® Pro Tools Magnesium Round Thermal Brush 2 inch

An easy-to-use, enhanced styling brush for a salon-worthy blowout.

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100% Recyclable Magnesium
Ergonomica Non-slip Handle
Detachable Hair Sectioning Pick

Achieve maximum volume with the Harry Josh® Pro Tools Magnesium Round Thermal Brush. The magnesium coated ceramic barrel heats up quickly while blow-drying to speed drying time and helps to avoid unnecessary damage to hair.

Achieve maximum blowout volume by placing the brush under the hair section and directing heat from the top to the bottom. Keep turning your brush as you work your way down. Wherever you want extra bounce or volume, keep the hair wrapped there and allow it to cool on the brush for a few seconds.

  • Magnesium-coated ceramic barrel speeds up hair styling time
  • Nylon bristles provide super hair grip for a smooth, voluminous finish
  • Includes a detachable hair sectioning pick for precise styling and can be stored in the handle
  • Ergonomic, Soft touch, ergonomic non-slip handle ensures a comfortable hold while styling and the seamless barrel and handle prevent catching hair.
  • Ultra-lightweight for easier styling with optimal center of gravity
  • 100% recyclable

1 Harry Josh®  Pro Tools 2” Magnesium Round Thermal Brush


Section hair starting at the nape of the neck. Separate a section of hair about 2″-3″ wide. 

Place your round brush under the section and, using the blow dryer, direct the airflow from the top of the section to the bottom. Keep turning your brush and working your way down the shaft, concentrating on the ends. 

Lift the section at the root straight up and then away from you with your round brush and dryer and concentrate heat for extra volume.

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